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29th Annual Bring-and-Buy Poultry Sale

Everything from Quail to Turkeys


Our 29th Annual Bring-and-Buy Poultry Sale will be held on the 2nd September 2012, everyone will be welcome.

As usual, buyers and sellers from all over Ireland will attend, bringing General Fowl, Geese, Ducks,
Rare Breeds, Budgies, and even Dogs, Hampsters and Ferrets!

The Sale starts at 12:00 mid-day, and continues until 5:00 pm.

Light Refreshments will be available - sandwiches, burgers, rolls, and also tea, coffee and minerals.

Why not come and share the friendly and informal atmosphere of what is now a traditional event.
We are just 2 miles along the R122 towards Naul from Junction 6 on the M1.